We're a sales & marketing agency for
elite Real Estate agents and investors.

Enjoy the power of a 40 person marketing team without lifting a finger.

Scaling a successful business isn’t easy, doing it alone makes it impossible…

By using our innovative "managed marketing services" model, we've become the missing link between the business you have and the business you want.

For the first time, rely on your own personalized team to help scale your business to the next level. An easier question to ask is, “What can we not do for you?”

How we make you a professional investor.

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We will guide you from beginning to end & establish the goals that will set you up for success.

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Lead Generation

Behind the scenes, we use data to decide the best marketing material for the best results.

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Appointment Generation

Our sales team experts go to work on qualifying leads from their motivation to readiness.


Tracking & Lead Management

New leads are added into our custom CRM where you can view details from our phone team.

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Automated Follow Up

Our retention strategy involves letters, postcards, text messages, & ringless voicemails every month.

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Evaluate, Improve, & Scale

We will continue to assess what worked best for your business and make any necessary adjustments.

Ask yourself, “what is my time really worth?”

Spend your valuable time closing deals, instead of finding them.

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REI handles the $10/hour work

  • Marketing - directmail, PPC, Facebook
  • Fulfilment - mail house, mailing lists, weekly drops
  • Systems - podio, callrail, slybroadcast, TLO
  • Inbound Leads - live answer, voicemail recordings, website
  • Research & Comparables - property address, value, rents, comparables
  • Outbound Phone Sales - ISA’s, scripts, training, phone follow ups, appointments
  • Follow up DRIP System - text, slybroadcast, email, phone calls, task, workflows

Focus on what's important

  • Negotiate & Close Sellers - build rapport, get a YES, negotiate price/terms
  • CEO / Business Owner - raise money, close deals, new markets

How this experience will be different.

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Always have access to listings and leads before your competitors.

Utilize our custom conversion rate monitoring software to manage your leads and follow up with them by the click of a button.

Meet your team of experts.

We help relieve the burden of building and managing a full scale marketing and sales department by sharing our systems, strategies, resources and assets.


Gary Boomershine

CEO, 24 years experience

Gary has been successful in a variety of emerging markets including Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Private Lending, Enterprise Software, and more.


Wayne Jarrett

COO, 17 years experience

Wayne has an extensive process, operations and delivery background with large scale companies in the tech and financial service industries.


Julia Jordan

Senior Success Planner, 18 years experience

As REI’s Senior Success Planner, Julia Jordan is focused and committed to helping members navigate, build and own their individual success path.


David DuBois

Director of Platform Technology,
25 years experience

David has diverse background in technology, program management, and engineering. He understands business needs and effectively applies technical solutions.


Darren Wassell

Strategy Planner,
15 years experience

Darren brings his deep real estate experience to work alongside our new and current team members to ensure their success for every situation.


Munish Gaur

Member Success Director,
15 years experience

Munish has worked with Barclays Bank, managing their International Banking in India along with Business Change Management experience in the UK.


Direct mail sent each year


Leads generated each year.


Combined years
real estate experience


Current REI members

Don’t just take our word for it,

here’s what our customers have to say:

We would love to talk with you to see if you’re a good fit.


How do I know that your lists are any better than mine or another company's?

I already have a te​​​​​am, why do I need you?

How long do I have to com​​​​​mit to membership?

How does this compare to a software that automates all my follow up?

What do most investors/agents like most about RealEstateInvestor.com?

If I'm just beginning to invest and don't have a team or a lot of experience, is this right for me?

How steep is the learning curve with our systems and teams?

How many people do I have to manage?