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REIvault Affiliate and JV Program

Do you have a large following or influence with
active real estate investors or agents?

REIvault’s exclusive affiliate and joint venture program might be a perfect fit to help your followers achieve faster success and create a steady passive income source for you.

REIvault is not a coaching program or educational program teaching investors how to get into investing. It is a world class virtual sales and marketing agency that handles all inbound and outbound prospecting for investors while delivering qualified “appointments” with motivated sellers.

Busy, active and successful investors love our shared services model because we do all the grunt work and heavy lifting for them. Unlike a virtual assistant agency, there is no need for the investor to hire, train or manage any virtual assistants. We provide all of the trained resources at a fraction of the cost.

New but committed investors and agents love REIvault because we give them speed to market and handle everything they know they need to do but lack the infrastructure.

If your influence is with investors or agents, teaching them “what” to do and “how to do it”, you’ll love partnering with REIvault as an easy back end offer, because we end up doing it all for them… thus giving them real results.

REIvault Pricing

vary based on the level of
service between

$1,998 to $3,798

per month.

We are not selling a digital product, but a service with a high overhead, yet we still have a very rich and generous affiliate/jv program. For general affiliates who wish to promote our sales materials, you will earn $1,000 for every new member your refer.

For more dedicated joint venture partners who are able to consistently drive new, qualified members, we include a bonus 10% monthly continuity on the member’s monthly plans. (Requires 50+ new members)

Promotion Methods

REIvault has a wide array of marketing materials available; however, the most effective methods have been through joint webinars, podcasts and walkthroughs with the trusted referral partner.

This is not an impulse purchase. The prospective member first schedules an appointment for a strategy call with us to determine fit. Then, they are closed on the phone by a member of our client success team. We closely monitor and support them through the onboarding process to ensure their success as a valued member.

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