How to Consistently Hire and Retain Top Sales Performers w/John Pyke

We’re operating in a very competitive market, so as business owners we have to ensure we have tried-and-tested methods in place to attract top talent to our organizations. Do we need to make changes to our recruitment process and should we be disregarding the concept of hiring slow and firing fast? Once we’ve successfully recruited top talent, how can we retain them long-term?

On this episode, bestselling author, speaker and recruitment expert, John Pyke shares how to consistently hire and retain top sales performers.

Look no further than DNA. If the person you’re looking to hire does not possess the intangibles of the sales DNA, no matter how much you train or mentor them, they simply cannot perform. – John Pyke

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3 Things We Learned From John Pyke

  • Stop relying on DISC assessments and interviews for recruitment. We can only learn 12% of what we need to know from these – not nearly enough to make an informed decision. 
  • Disregard the concept of hiring slow and firing fast. In a market with a scarcity of talent, we don’t have the luxury of hiring slow – we have to hire and fire fast. 
  • To maintain top talent, offer a hybrid payment model that provides some guaranteed income, as well as commission.

At the start of this episode, we shared that good salespeople have a shared DNA- and no amount of training or mentoring can substitute for that DNA. We also explained what top sales performers have in common that average agents don’t, and pointed out flaws in the traditional recruitment process.

We also discussed;

  • How to change our approach to interviews
  • The mediums we should be using to approach top talent
  • Why we can’t afford to be frugal when it comes to recruiting top performers

Guest Bio- 

John Pyke is The Talent Genius – a sales expert, consultant, and speaker. He is also the bestselling author of The Talent Genius: How The Top 1% of Realtors Build World-Class Teams, and the upcoming Hire Fast, Fire Fast. John is an international award-winning hiring expert and a strong advocate for using tested, scientific methods in the recruitment process.

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