How to Become Your Own Bank w/Chris Naugle

While everyone wants to be successful, most of the time what holds us back is our fear that we don’t have enough time or money to get started. How can you overcome that belief? How can you become your own bank?

In this episode, I’m talking with co-founder and CEO of FlipOut Academy and Money School, Chris Naugle, about how to access money as an investor.

You have to believe in yourself and be a money magnet- there’s so much money available. -Gary Boomershine

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3 Things We Learned From Chris Naugle

Prepare for the storm

After years of favorable market conditions, we need to start preparing for an inevitable shift. The shift coming will have the ability to hurt a lot of businesses, so it’s best to start preparing for it now. Raise money to protect yourself now, so you have it before you need it.

Put your money in real estate

The best place you can invest is in real estate. This is because, even if the market crashes, real estate cannot go to zero. Even in the event of a natural disaster, insurance will cover it. Invest in real estate to ensure you have an asset to sell if and when you need to.

Believe you’re a ‘money magnet’

Alongside time, one of the biggest things holding people back from achieving their dreams is money. However, the reality is there is so much money available. This is especially true in the case of retirement funds. Stop believing there is a limitation- you just need to look in the right places.

Most of what we know about money is taught to us by banks themselves. Obviously, this benefits the most powerful financial institutions. It’s important to educate ourselves so that we can become our own banks, for ourselves and for friends and family. Let them know they need to invest in real estate, and that there is an abundance of money, as long as we go looking for it.

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